About Me

Graphic Designer & Others

Graduated in 2013, I am a graphic designer and I deal with communication for some years. I love the graphic design, but I'm pretty good with a professional camera. I am fascinated by the world of the web and programming so as to accumulate sleepless nights and days with dark circles. I try to update me about new products in digital field and I love challenges. Chasing a dream and help companies increase profits, credibility and reputation. I try to carry out projects to simplify the work of people customizing every detail. I observe the constant changes, always trying to give an explanation for what is happening. I collaborated and collaborate with photographic studios, advertising agencies, finalizers materials and a research center at the University of Salerno. Currently I try to perfect the technique and approach to graphic design project by a Master to European Institute of Design (IED – Milan).

My Skills

Graphic Design




Photography / Video